I’m using local, organic flour in all of the bread. It’s grown and milled by Bob Balfour at R&J Milling in Riceton. Bob and I have been working together for over 10 years now; he’s the first supplier I ever had and we are all lucky to have him so close.

All the bread is mixed by hand, shaped by hand and baked in a wood fired brick oven that I built myself. So it’s serious old school bread here!

Most loaves are in the 800g – 900g weight range, which is about 25% bigger than at Orange Boot Bakery. ┬áThe larger loaves work better in the brick oven and they look really nice.

Speaking of the oven, it’s a variable device, to say the least. After a big fire the night before baking, the oven slowly cools over the next 12-24 hours and there’s a 4 hour window when it’s absolutely perfect for bread baking. My task is to have the bread ready to bake in that window!

If I’m off a little, the bread may be slightly darker or lighter than normal. Darker is better; a dark bake provides a much more complex and tasty crust. Bottom line: expect some variation from week to week. That’s part of the fun of old school bread.

My general mood these days is to incorporate more whole grain in my bread. It’s healthier and can be more flavourful too. So other than my baguettes and Crusty White loaf, everything has some whole grain flour in it. I’m happy to going deeper with any flour geeks in the crowd (I’m a proud geek myself) so ask away.


I mix your dough in food safe plastic tubs in my basement.

I shape the dough on a bench in my garage and proof it on a rack in my garage.

I bake your bread in a brick oven I built myself.

So in case there’s any doubt, your bread is made in a kitchen which is not inspected by Regina Qu’appelle Health Region.

(This is all perfectly legal so long as you know and accept the part about the non-inspected kitchen.)